Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just... yum.

We had our first day of MOVE Los Angeles today, and it's been incredible thus far. I really am thankful for the attendees this time around, and how wonderful everyone is despite how completely awful and chilly the weather was in Hollywood this morning. (Twitter followers... remember when I mentioned not packing correctly? Think not enough warm clothes to start, and then add a ton of rain and wind, and only packing old boots with holes in the soles. Yuck!) 

But the day really was a good one overall. (Great, encouraging conversations. Good laughs and happy memories. Smooth transitions.) But it was especially good because the team got to celebrate together over a dinner of scrumptious Thai food, followed by an always tasty Pinkberry treat. 

It was Nichole's first time, and my third. 


I love the ambience of every Pinkberry shop, but I really like the spring vibe the company's got going on right now. Floral decorations and translucent glass, fun geometric shapes, and the always vibrant colors inside. Everything feels so clean and healthy in there. (aka, they have great interior designers)

Mine's on the left:
Lychee frozen yogurt, vanilla flavored animal crackers, organic gummy bears, honeydew melon, slivered almonds and a drizzle of honey on top. And a side of hazelnut crunchy goodness, just for fun. :)

Super pumped/stoked/blissful/still-on-east-coast-time.

Hope your Saturday is sweet.

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  1. YUM! Sounds sooo good! After the meet-up dinner tonight we went to Mojo frozen yogurt and Scott got a cherry cordial with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate covered raisins! It was sooo good!