Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Art journaling, revisited.

I have been feeling pretty restless lately, and it may have to do with all the traveling I've done this month. I just can't stop dreaming of pretty pictures and colors in my down time. So tonight, I unloaded my art drawer and went to town.


I started this particular book last year, as part of Elsie and Rachel's Tell Your Story online art journaling class. I loved the cute, daily prompts, and enjoyed the challenge of creating something new every single day. Check out some of my older pages below:

a nautical page for a nautical boy

Tomorrow I'll post some art journaling inspiration from some of my all-time favorite crafty ladies. Hope you're excited! Do you like to draw, paint, write, or art journal? (Be sure to leave links to some of your creations.)



  1. These are lovely! I can't wait to see more!

    I used to art journal, but just haven't had time to lately. Elsie and Rachel are such inspirations though!

  2. I think it sounds like fun...but I also think I absolutely don't have time for it...unfortunately! Blogging is as close as I get to art journaling for now. :D

  3. I hear you ladies. It's hard to keep up with my art journal.

    Alicia, maybe when that little Squishy gets a bit older you guys could make one together. You draw, he colors... And you'd have little memories saved throughout the days. Just an idea. I've had to incorporate my journaling into tight spaces before (but, I've also neglected it a ton over the course of the year).

    When you've got time, I highly recommend trying it out. It's awesome.


  4. I loved this post Kaitlyn! Thanks for sharing. =)