Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween fun times!

Harbor had a job interview in Tallahassee this morning, so we had a really yummy breakfast to send him out, ready for greatness. It sounds like he did a really great job, so I appreciate all prayers spoken on his behalf. His moving here would mean a lot for us. 

We took the afternoon to just enjoy being together. Ate sushi, shared a pumpkin latte from my favorite local coffee shop and cleaned my apartment in preparation for our Halloween hang-out. Harbor's really quite the crafter, I'm pleased to share. He helped me make some sweet bat decor, among other little things. He also spent time making a killer Halloween playlist. 

That night we all dressed up as "farmers and farm animals" to go get $2 Chipotle burritos. Yum, yum, yum. We stuffed ourselves then rushed home to get ready for the party. We had a lot to do before my friends Linds and Jared arrived. 

Cutting that wig was so disgusting. We had to take a female witch wig and turn it into a Russell Brand hairdo. If I had to change one thing, I would have curled it in spong rollers overnight. Oh well, live and learn, I guess. 

And, how cute are my friends Lindsey and Jared?! Ahhhhhh!

The Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Soooo cute.

And yes. At long last, my costume was revealed. Harbor and I went as Russell Brand and Katy Perry. (Or Katy Hudson Perry Brand, as my sister and I like to refer to her.) Note to self: break in those gold glitter heels next time. Dang, my feet are going to pay for that decision tomorrow. 

And, my awesome little sister. She let me help her make her outfit this year, and in my opinion, she was the winner of the night. So hilarious. 

"Musical guest Katy Perry and Lil Blaster film an infomercial"

If you don't watch SNL regularly like we do, you may not get the reference. But, that's ok. It's a super obscure social commentary, but we think it's hysterical on a variety of levels.

Jac's friend came as Blair from Gossip Girl. Isn't she adorable? 

What a night. I've never been around so much wig hair in my life. (Gross.) I'm exhausted from laughing and walking around neighborhoods and cleaning up. Time for bed! 

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Oh my gosh, can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post. All of your costumes were awesome! Linds & Jared were so cute. And thank you for more pics of her hair cut :P. Again, wish I could have been there. Love you guys!