Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm in the city for just about 24 hours, so I'm going to make the most of it! Why such a short trip, you ask? Well, I'm going to be doing an interview with some schmancy TV people tomorrow, but that's probably all I can say about that right now. (That, and I'm sort of nervous when I talk about it.) 

I've been cozying up in my hotel room since I got here. Just flipped on the TV (because when you don't have cable sometimes you freak out a bit when you get to watch it), snuggled under the covers and reviewed my plans. I'm about to walk down to my favorite tea spot to grab a hot drink and then go hang out at my dad's office for a bit before I go to dinner with my parents and my brother. Yay! We're gonna grab some Greek food, and I'm already drooling thinking of warm pita bread and hummus. 

I'm so happy that I've been given the opportunity to make three trips to my most favorite city before the end of the year. This first one just happens to be super short. 

And, as always, I can't wait to be home with the Matilda girl. Good thing I have such a great little sister to hang out with her when I'm away.

Well, I'm off! I just hope I can stay warm. These ol' Florida bones aren't very good in the cold anymore. 



  1. TV people! can't wait to hear more about that.

    and I'm kinda jealous too. . . at this point in my life i have daydreams about having a hotel room all to myself. its like the ultimate in solitude and relaxation. i hope you enjoy it! and have fun with your family too!