Friday, October 14, 2011

Photos on a Friday.

I've been in a "don't waste time in the Internet" phase these last two weeks, so my posts have been sparse. I wanted to give a super fast update on what I've been doing, aside from writing a massive paper that I turned in yesterday. 

Last week I enjoyed a dinner date with my friends, Lindsey and Jared. I was in their wedding last March, and I love, love, love visiting them and living in the same city again. Linds made an insanely good split pea soup... just looking at that photo makes my mouth water. We talked about life and told funny stories over soup, crusty bread, sharp cheddar cheese, grapes, and cold beer. It was a blast. I left so stuffed and happy.

I got in a little soup-making mode myself and whipped up a batch of chickenless noodle soup. It's meat-free and tastes just like chicken noodle soup. It's so warm and cozy and good for when you feel a cold coming on or just need to snuggle and be happy on the inside. Maybe when I make it again this week I'll snap a few photos and do a post for next week. Would any of you be interested? 

While studying, I made sure to take lots of "Matilda breaks," which entailed talking to her like a human and petting her. I also learned how to create a hair bow in my downtime, using this tutorial. I have yet to wear it out in public, but I sure do love to study with it. Made me feel so fancy.

I packed a bag for a spontaneous trip to Destin last weekend. I went over to spend a day there when Harbor was working so I could write a paper in a new location, eat dinner twice with my boyfriend, and look outside and see the sunshine on the water when I needed to clear my mind. The drive helped me get outside of my study zone when I needed it, and I always love spending time with his family. I can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with them next month. 

How do you like to make time for special friends and memory-making opportunities when you get swamped with work or homework or your agenda? 



  1. The hair bow is so cute! And I laughed aloud at the petting & talking to Matilda like a human part. =)