Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coming soon: Engagement Photos!

Hey guys! The semester is wrapping up (yay!) and I'm getting married in less than six months (double yay!).

Want to see some of our engagement photos? I hope you do, because I have a few posts coming your way over the next week just so I can share them and brag on my handsome fiancé and share some of our wedding details. Wedding planning has been going really smoothly, and that is 50% thanks to our amazing friends who continue to bless us, and 50% due to my recently self-diagnosed WDSP syndrome (wedding-dreamer-student-procrastination syndrome). I'm also thinking about putting together a wedding planning post or two. We'll see what I can accomplish over the weekend. I'm probably getting a little too overzealous in the blog post department, considering my recent track record. I just miss posting, is all!

Oh, and also coming over the weekend... a little post about home brewed iced coffee recipes just in time for summer.

You drooling yet?



  1. i am so glad you blogged! I almost emailed you today to let you know that I have missed seeing you around the internet, but I know it's 'cause you're totally swamped with school and wedding stuff. super excited to see your engagement photos!

  2. oo, iced coffee recipes! I am excited for something new to try. :)