Monday, February 13, 2012

In search of the perfect red lipstick.

Oh, red lipstick. You are so tricky, aren't you? With your sneaky way of turning orange when I don't want you to. Maybe it's the fact that I like to stick to neutrals when it comes to makeup, or it could just be all those years of associating brightly colored lips with the makeup I wore on stage in plays. Either way, it scares me, and I'm not entirely convinced that I can "pull it off" just yet. 

I'm musing about this subject tonight, on the eve of Valentine's Day, because during dinner Harbor and I were chatting and making plans for an Indian dinner we're going to cook tomorrow night... and then he asked it. "So, are you going to wear that red lipstick again?" (Dun dun dunnnnn.) 

The hunt for the perfect red lipstick is back on, I guess!

So, help me out. Which colors do you absolutely love, and which have you avoided? I've been recommended to check out colors that are more blue pigmented so that they balance out against my pinky skin tones. Are there any "rules" when it comes to choosing a red lipstick, or is all of that stuff made up anyway? 


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  1. You're gorgeous!

    Have you tried the L'Oreal Infallible Lipsticks (Beyonce's Red & Crimson)? It's perfect because the color doesn't transfer over when you're eating/kissing/etc.

    I also like Revlon Lipstick in True Red!