Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I sent out some valentines to my very closest friends. I purchased them up at The Paper Source in downtown Naperville and could hardly wait to give them out. My friend Katie took me to this store one evening during a little girl time we had together over Christmas break (see also: hazelnut chocolate mochas, playing with makeup at Benefit, smelling loose leaf teas, and enjoying eye candy at the paper store). I loved the store so much that I went back with my family the day before I flew back to Florida. While I was there, I spotted them! My valentines. 

Perfectly pink and red with cutesy florals on the front and back. The paper is really sturdy and soft, too. Simple and cute. 

I really love them. I bought small inserts to place in each card so I could take the time to tell each person exactly what I love most about them. I also sent out a bunch of dinosaur valentines this year, because 10 cards are simply not enough to tell all your friends that you care about them. 

Right now I'm just snuggled up on my couch, doing some homework for the week. Later today, Jaclyn and I will get together to exchange gifts and have a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee date together. <3 I love this holiday so much. 

Hope your Valentine's Day is really sweet, and that it's a special time for you to love all of the friends around you. Enjoy your day!



  1. What sweet valentine's (and friend you are)!

    Hope you have a lovely day! Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friend! XO

  2. I loved my valentine! The dinos were so cute, and the cards were so sweet. :)

  3. I loved seeing that little card in my box!! Thank you so much. :-) Isn't Paper Source awesome? That's where I found the measuring spoons I sent you. Kurt and I got several Christmas gifts for family from there too. <3

  4. Hey Kaitlyn,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did. I'm your newest fan and follower!