Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I want for Christmas.

Hello from Chicago! 

I'm in the midwest spending Christmas with my family this week. My flight got in a few hours earlier, and I've already had so much fun eating sushi and opening up little trinkets my dad brought home from his last business trip to Japan. I've been getting into serious gift mode this week, trying to wrap up the last of my to-do list in time. I've also been getting excited to see what's waiting for me! So I wanted to share a few items I'm hoping and wishing for this Christmas morning. 


I first discovered People Webs through Vanessa's blog and I've been drooling over Lindsi's bow headbands ever since. I'm asking for one in peach. (Also, if you're crochet-inclined, she has a great tutorial on her blog.) You can tell I have a thing for peach bows, right?


Mod Chevron Clutch Purse by RVA. After numerous restocks, this clutch finally sat in the online store long enough to snag one. Crossing my fingers to find this under the tree this year. I want to carry it around all January. It's the cutest thing ever and such a statement piece. 


A new scent! This spring, I want to smell like Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. My little sister and I are both asking for this scent, so lets hope the Suveg sisters smell like flowers in 2012. I'm crazy about this scent. I love feminine florals with honey or vanilla undertones, and this one just smells like the color pink to me. It's so sweet. 


Darlingtonia bow belt. I'm asking for a belt in either rust or sand. I couldn't decide! Really crossing my fingers on this one. I've wanted one for nearly three years. I love how girly and fun it would be to add a little bow to many of my favorite tops.


New goodies from Photojojo, my all-time favorite camera shop. I'm asking for some more Instax Mini film, a DIY Twin Lens camera, and a super-compact tripod. And, oh my, have you SEEN the new Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera?! Now I know what I want for Valentine's Day. 


A few new pairs of We Love Colors tights. I love how warm and cozy they are, and the way they fit me reminds me of all my jazz and ballet classes I took growing up. I have a few fun colors already, so I'm looking to add some more layer-friendly colors to my wardrobe. I'm requesting a pair of navy, black, and light tan. 


Nail polish! I just can't get enough. This year, I'm asking for a couple new Essie colors (this one and this one), and a very pretty sparkly pink from the Hello Kitty line at Sephora. And, speaking of Hello Kitty...


I'm asking for a pretty little compact mirror and some black sparkly eye shadow in a great HK compact. Confession: I really love Hello Kitty. However, there was a season when I received wayyy too many Hello Kitty-themed gifts, so now I have to keep my love for her sort of a secret. I'll always be a Sanrio fan for life, but I don't really let any one know because I don't want plastic clip-on earrings and other ridiculous things for my 26th birthday this year.


A bottle of Benetint by Benefit. I wasn't sure if I could do the whole cheek stain thing, but I stopped into Sephora over Thanksgiving break and tried it out and fell in love. I mean fell in love with this color. It's perfectly pink and stays on all day long. Really hoping this little bottle is hiding in a stocking or in a teeny box under the tree. 


A record player! I've been begging Harbor for a record player for a while now. Otherwise, I'd be happy if I got some records to add to my collection for the eventual record player in my living room. I think listening to records is just so cozy, and it's one of my all-time favorite things to do with him. He's really really into records and music and that crackly tone in music. (It's really romantic.) This turntable in teal would suit me just fine. 

It seems that most of what I'm asking for falls into the pink family and most-likely contains a bow. I guess subconsciously I'm preparing to welcome spring with an extra-feminine flair. What are you asking for this Christmas? 



  1. I'm slightly jealous you're enjoying Chicago this year and I'm not. I can't wait to see pictures. I love the clutch, really bold and fun. And of course the nail polish is great. :-)

  2. your super girly Christmas list makes me smile. ;) I lOVE benetint, and I was actually wondering if you might want to stop into the Benefit store in downtown naperville with me this thursday. it's a fun place to shop.

    and in response to your tweet, yes, of course I can bring my walls notebook.

  3. This is such a darling wishlist! I really would love to see a Daisy by Marc Jacobs under my Christmas tree :)

  4. so much cute stuff - i love the clutch! i hope you get lucky and end up with what you want, i've been awful at choosing what i want this year! x